Atlas Cedar Essential Oil

atlas cedar

The Atlas cedar essential oil is today known for its numerous virtues : curative, regenerative and tonic, it is your true natural skin ally.

Origin & history

Monumental and majestic, the Atlas cedar, Cedrus Atlantica can grow to a height of 40 meters. Before all its properties were understood, it was recognized to be one of the most majestic trees in the world. Known as a real strength symbol for its rot-proof which has given it the status of immortal tree, the Atlas Cedar has a life expectancy of more than 2000 years. We use wood from the timber mills in the Moroccan High Atlas for the production of our essential oils. These timber mills, specialist furniture manufacturers, supply the chips taken from tree trunks which are used to create the essential oils, by distillation and which allow eco-production.

Origin : Atlas mountains from Morocco

Beauty & well-being

Essential oils of Atlas Cedar exhales a delicate woody smell, with warm and wild facets. Today, essential oil of Atlas Cedar is known for its many properties:

  • Astringent
  • Curative and  et regenerative
  • Tonic