lavandin essential oil

lavandin grosso

The Lavandin grosso essential oil is today known for its soothing and relaxing virtues and also to calm the stress and the nervousness. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Origin & history

The lavandin grosso, Lavendula angustifolia, is a hybrid of fine lavender and aspic lavender. Cultivated since the last century, it is now grown much more often than lavender because its flowers produce more essential oil. Truly emblematic of Provence, where the strong summer heat promotes its rising essence and produces the fragrance which is so characteristic of the Provencal region.

Origin : France – Provence

Beauty & well-being

Essential oil of Lavandin is known for:

  • Its soothing and relaxing properties
  • Its regenerative and curative properties
  • To relieve stress and nervosity